Some Companies are Just Plain Great!

In this day of over inflated value, I just want to mention a company that is the best value I have found in my business called I started using their services back when I thought it was really extravagant to even have a business card...back then even going into business was a leap of faith. I didn't know what I was doing and they talked me through everything with the patience of Job!
Today, I order just about all my business printing from them from 10,000 business cards a year, all our charity postcards, folders, hangtags for our product, bookmarks for my newest book and more. I have been so happy with their services. They are inexpensive, high quality and literally turn orders around in 48 hours. I can't say enough good about them. I am thrilled with their service, customer support and their website is just about the easiest thing in the world to navigate.

I highly recommend them to anyone. Tell them I sent you and they'll be extra nice to ya!

Here is link to their site. This a company worth sharing and definitely get my nod of approval.


We're still working the final glitches out but the new site and store is up and running. It has come in stages but it's all online now. Several of my goddess friends said they were still seeing the old site... That's because they didn't refresh their bookmarks and just tried to click through their old link.

When you click through to my website...It should look like this picture above.
Then each button you click through should also look similar. *If it is still the old style orange color you need to go tot he home page, hit refresh on your toolbar and then re-bookmark it.*


What Would You Like To See Me Create???

OK, this morning I was sitting in my happy front porch...talking to my best friend, Launi. I told her how I wish I could talk to all my friends all over the world while sitting right here. She was silent. Then she said, "Well, go get your laptop and talk to them"

Duh! Why didn't I think of that?
So right now I am sitting on my front porch, tapped into the wireless internet my son, Boy Genius installed and now I'm talking to you.

So dear friends, lets chat... and tell me, what do you think I should paint and write today?


A Call for Help to All Military Wives.... & All Their Wonderful Supporters

As you all know I have a tremendous soft spot in my heart for military wives. I did the Wacky Women version of them and had a huge response... But now all you sassy TingleHeart fans want one too. The image is a play on the old "Rosy, the Riveter" poster of WWII when women were asked to step up and help out the war effort. (They should have just put us in charge. We would have taken out Hitler before breakfast, ended the war, straightened up the house and brought our men folk home before supper.)

Anyway, here is the first rough draft... the art is not complete but I am working on the caption... Which do you like... or do you have a better one???

Let me know what you think...and help me pay tribute to these amazing women who help keep the home fires burning while their men so bravely serve....

(An yes... a female military piece is in the works for those women who wear a uniform...coming very soon!)


Equestrians...I Need Your Help.

OK, so, I just finished painting the cutest image of a girl with a horse. What do you think???

But now I need to write the story to go with it. My experience with horses is pretty limited. I used to ride with a friend growing up in Hawaii but she was the horse nut...I just tagged along.

Horse Enthusiasts... Please help me. Why do you love horses? What makes them your favorite animal? What insights can you give me?